Thank you to everyone who took part in our Pumpkin Disco Chop! Hope you enjoyed your pumpkin Minestra! 🙌🙌 Mine has somehow become a risotto 🙈🎃🎃

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Join us for a Pumpkin Disco Chop on Wednesday 28th October. This will be the first Disco Chop that Alchemic Kitchen has held online, usually events are held in a communal space, guests come together to dance, cook and eat. Despite the change in circumstance, the Disco spirit lives on. This year the disco will be available through a Spotify playlist (Pumpkin Disco Chop) and a hearty pumpkin soup recipe which you can cook alongside the Alchemic Kitchen team via Facebook Live. We will be cooking a delicious Italian inspired Rachel Roddy recipe. Ingredient bags are available to residents in Liverpool, Sefton and Knowsley. DM for details.
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#tastenotwaste #EatYourPumpkin
Every year approximately 8 million pumpkins are thrown away after Halloween. When did we start buying food with the intention to throw it out? Don’t let your pumpkin go to waste this year. It’s time to get creative, and we’re not just referring to carving. Why not try to make your own pumpkin spiced latte or have a go at making pumpkin pie? The options are endless. Tag us in your pumpkin creations.

To celebrate #WorldFoodDay we are teaming up with @organicnorthwholesale, the longest-run organic wholesale in the North. They are a co-operative who operate on a #zerowaste model, managing to source the highest quality organic produce from across the UK and further afield without creating mountains of food waste. Sean Ruffell, managing director, will be joining us at 4 to discuss, the importance of valuing food and having close relationships with farmers. Not to be missed!

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Today is International Awareness of Food Waste day! It is the first time that an entire day has been set aside to focus on an issue that we all contribute to and all have the power to change. Our project #yourfoodneedsyou focuses on ways to help you to reduce your household waste.

 In last the last year alone households in Liverpool, Sefton and Knowsley generated 85,759 tonnes of #foodwaste. A figure which we can all help to reduce by only buying the food that we intend to eat and making the most of the food we have at home.

Want to take part? We will be running online food labs for the next year. The next event is a Pumpkin themed disco chop taking place in the October half term. We will be releasing the full details soon. In the meantime head to for recipe rescues and project updates.
Last week saw the start of #YourFoodNeedsYou food waste challenge. Households have been asked to monitor their food waste over a 3 week period. The Alchemic Kitchen Team are on hand to provide helpful recipes and advice to assist with reducing food waste. So far we have found some very interesting trends. Head to to read all about the project. Please get in touch if you live in #Liverpool #Sefton  or #Knowsley and would like to take part.

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We will be heading out to Speke Hall next week to harvest from their kitchen gardens and orchards. Please get in touch if you would like to join us.
Home made ricotta at today's food lab #YourFoodNeedsYou