Yesterday marked our Helena's last day with Alchemic Kitchen. It seems very fitting that we sent her off on a very windy day spent making (A LOT) of flatbread pizzas under a gazebo. 

Thank you for all your hard work over the years @helenaapplena you will be missed in the team, and good luck for what comes next!
Thank you so much to @liverpoolguild for taking part in last night's cook along. It was our last vegan cooking session for The Green Guild. We marked the occasion by making Kimchi and apple vinegar. Both of these recipes make use of store cupboard ingredients and are a really easy way to avoid food waste. If you want to have a go at making either you can find the recipes on our website.

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We are so excited to announce that the Knowsley Pies will shortly be available through Lids. These pies have been made using surplus pheasant reared on the Knowsley Estate. With restaurants closed this year we have worked closely with @homebakedbakery_  to make sure that local pheasant didn't go to waste.
More info to follow soon!

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The Feedback - Feeding People, Backing the Planet  Radio 4 appeal is coming to an end. There are only 24 hrs left to donate.
We are funded directly by Feedback to save food and cut out waste. Your support will mean that we can continue to save pumpkins like this from being ploughed in.

Link to donate in bio.
The @Feedbackorg radio 4 appeal is now live! 

The Gleaning Network takes (Covid-safe) volunteers to farms around the country to harvest fruit and veg that would otherwise be wasted; the produce is then redistributed to charity partners and local communities, ensuring this fresh, delicious produce doesn’t go to waste. To date, the Gleaning Network has rescued over 560 tonnes of surplus produce! 

From 7.55am on 21 February to 7.55am on 28 February, supporters will be able to donate online through the BBC Radio 4 website, via phone (0800 404 8144), or via cheque, freeposted to: BBC Radio 4 Appeal (yep, that’s the whole address; please remember to write ‘Feedback’ on the envelope!)

Link to donate in bio!