Last week saw the start of #YourFoodNeedsYou food waste challenge. Households have been asked to monitor their food waste over a 3 week period. The Alchemic Kitchen Team are on hand to provide helpful recipes and advice to assist with reducing food waste. So far we have found some very interesting trends. Head to to read all about the project. Please get in touch if you live in #Liverpool #Sefton  or #Knowsley and would like to take part.

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We will be heading out to Speke Hall next week to harvest from their kitchen gardens and orchards. Please get in touch if you would like to join us.
Home made ricotta at today's food lab #YourFoodNeedsYou
Soon available via @lidsdelivery...
the breakfast breakfast bundle. Two jams and beer grain granola for £12. Good for the environment, good for our community! 🤩
Day 2 of #WhatOnEarthAmIGoingToDoWithAllOfTheseCourgettes
This dish included fresh ginger, onion and grated turmeric. Add two whisked eggs and pop it in the oven to make a delicious fritata
Ever wondered what to do with left over milk? How about making fresh ricotta? We'll be explaining how at next week's Food Labs @thegatewaycollective (Wednesday at 2pm)and @swansidecommunitycentre (Tuesday at 2pm)
DM to book in.👩‍🍳


Photo @kitchenfairyco
This month is seeing a glut of courgettes, we've been roasting, pickling and stuffing them. This is one of my current favourites, halloumi, chilli and courgette bake with fennel leaves to season. Delicious!
What are your favourite courgette recipes?

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Saved poppy seeds from our courtyard clear out. These are edible and great in cakes and bakes😍
alchemic_kitchen We are very pleased to announce our new campaign Your Good Need You #YFNY. We will be running a range of food labs and disco chops over the next year in Liverpool, Sefton and Knowsley. This project focused on reducing household food waste through fun events, pledges and challenges.
Stay tuned for news about upcoming events.

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